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PJURGROUPUSA.COM was developed as a business-to-businesses online tool to provide up-to-date product information and easy purchasing for the continental United States. Medical grade ingredients and unique formulations make these the finest personal products worldwide. Made in Germany. We appreciate your business.

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Premium Personal Products

We group our products into five categories of formulas inspired by how our customers make their choice and the markets they represent.

CLASSIC Formulas are the personal lubricant

s you have come to know and love. These premiere personal lubricants are among the world’s best-selling personal lubricants with the name brand you trust. The super-concentrated ORIGINAL, the lighter consistency LIGHT, the thicker consistency GEL, and the water-based AQUA are all formulated with the highest grade ingredients and winning awards worldwide.

HER Formulas are lubricants developed to enhance her natural moisture. Because, for the most part, personal lubricants for women reside on the inside of the body, these lubricants have a slightly different concentration of ingredients to present a softer feel that enhances her natural lubrication. WOMAN personal lubricants and ANALYSE ME anal lubricants have silicone and water-based versions. MYGLIDE is a double-effect water-based personal lubricant with key ingredient stimulating ginseng.

HIS Formulas are lubricants developed to enhance his best performance. Because, for the most part, personal lubricants for men reside on the outside of the body, these lubricants have a slightly different concentration of ingredients to present a richer feel and promote optimal performance. MAN personal lubricants and BACKDOOR anal lubricants have silicone and water-based versions. MAN Steel gel and Xtend cream are water-based massage formulas and special skincare for men..

MED Formulas are modern lifestyle products developed for gentle and effective personal care. This health-conscious line promotes your well-being. NATURAL, REPAIR, and ENERGY are water-based personal lubricants with nature-based ingredients. PREMIUM is a personal lubricant made with the highest medical grade silicone for the maximum skin-on-skin slide. CLEAN and AFTERSHAVE provide a gentle, alcohol-free hygiene.

BASIC Formulas are quality personal lubricants priced for less. These products were developed to provide a more economical choice. These personal lubricants contain medical grade ingredients and present a choice of silicone and water-based.

CULT Formulas are for the care of rubber and latex. These unique products extend the life of your rubber and latex products. Dressing Aid and Ultra Shine formulas are unsurpassed in conditioning, aiding in dressing, and providing a super shine.

QUALITY Assurance:

Pjur personal products meet the quality standards of US health authorities. Our products contain ingredients analyzed and tested by independent laboratories and certified to verify safety and condom compatibility. Also, numerous dermatologist test reports affirm skin-friendliness.


• perfect for all skin types

• neutral taste and odor

• non-toxic, safe

Pjur is known for quality without compromise. Whether it concerns the selection of ingredients, production, or delivering products to our customers, it is our highest priority. Our premium personal products are hypoallergenic, latex condom safe, and ideal for daily use.